Sealing Threads for Bookbindings

Sealing threads for bookbindings from ZIPPEL-ZWIGOTEX

Functionality of sealing threads

A sealing thread consists of a thermoplastic fibre and a retention fibre.
The activation of the thermoplastic thread leads to bonding with the paper. The so called retention fibre ensures, in combination with the thermoplastic thread, a strong attachment to the signatures.

Application of sealing threads from ZIPPEL-Zwigotex

  • for 8-pages signatures, up to 90 g/m²
    sealing threads MX2, M44

  • for 16-pages signatures, up to 90 g/m²
    sealing threads MX3, 39/2, 44/2A

  • for 16-pages signatures, up to 140 g/m²
    sealing thread MX4

  • for 8- till 16-pages signatures, from 50 to 140 g/m²
    for 24- till 32-pages signatures, from 50 to 100 g/m²
    especially for hard and satined papers
    sealing thread 54/2

  • for 32-pages signatures, up to 140 g/m²
    sealing threads MX5, 59/2

Due to different paper qualities, we do strongly recommend to run some tests if the thickness is more than 0,50 mm or if different grammages are used.

The sealing threads can be used with all standard machines for thread sealing.


The sealing is used to fix the thread-clamps in the signatures until the book-block is sized. It is advised to use the lowest sealing temperature possible, since a too high temperature could lower the tensilestrength of the thread.

The sealing temperature depends on the processing speed, the signature-sequence and thermal conductivity of the paper.


Please do not expose the sealing threads to direct sunlight and store them at a temperature of 1 °C and 30°C and a humidity of 40 % to 70 %.

We recommend to acclimate the sealing threads till 72 hours before processing.