Thread Sealing (Bookbinding)

Sealing threads for thread sealing | ZIPPEL-ZWIGOTEX

Overview thread sealing

The bookbinding method "thread sealing" makes use of special sealing threads, which are stitched through the spine of a signature during folding. Exposed to pressure and heat, the thermoplastic part of the thread ends, which stick out of the spine, adheres to the signature and assures a strong attachment of its single pages.

Afterwards, the signatures will be gathered for adhesive binding. This guarantees a strong hold of the signatures among each other. There is no need for milling prior to binding.

Advantages of thread sealing

  • Time and ressource saving:
    Thread sealing takes place directly within the folding process.
  • High strength:
    The adhesive surface is broader than the one of a usual adhesive binding.
  • Flexible spine:
    Books bound by thread sealing technology lay very flat.

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