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ZIPPEL-ZWIGOTEX - Production of sealing threads for bookbindings

Important note: Business continuation by Filproject srl, beginning November 2023

Dear customers and business partners,

Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue production of Zwigotex sealing filaments due to personnel reasons. Within the last few months, we have considered various alternatives to find the best solution for you, our customers and our company as well. With respect to that, we are glad to inform you that, with Filproject srl, we were able to find a competent partner who will take over our sealing thread branch. Filproject will provide you with sealing threads quite similar to our ones.

From this moment on, please direct all requests to Filproject directly.

Of course, we are sorry for not being able to continue production any longer, especially with respect to the long lasting business relationships with you, our customers, and with our suppliers as well. For the trustful cooperation within all these years, we would like to express our sincere thanks to you.

Please find further information from Filproject below:

We are the only company producing the following products for the bookbinding and security business:

  • poly-cotton
  • poly-poly
  • high tenacity nylon
  • high tenacity polyester
  • sealing threads
  • headbands
  • ribbons
  • security threads and fibers for passports
  • special security fibers for other applications

Our philosophy is that of furnishing a quality product dedicating particular attention to the acquisition of raw materials, to the various phases of production (twisting, dyeing, winding and final packaging). Have a look to our website and discover our products!

Here you can find our production list (PDF file).

We are at your disposal for any other information you may require.

best regards
Roberto Del Dotto

Filproject srl
Via di Vorno 9A – 55060 Guamo-Capannori (Lucca) Italy
tel +39 0583 947412 a.s.
fax +39 0583 948665